The price of the Cinque Terre Card varies according to the number of days (available from 1 to 3 days), the type (if it includes train travel or just access to the trails) and the age of the holder.

Cinque Terre Card MS Train

The Cinque Terre Card Train, how much does it cost

The Cinque Terre Card Train costs for 1 day 18.20 euros, 2 days 33 euros and 3 days euros per adult.

For children (from 4 to 12 years) one day costs 11.40 Euros.

The daily ticket for families made up of 2 adults and 2 children for one day costs 48 Euros.

People over the age of 70 can purchase a day ticket for 14.80 euros.

Cinque Terre Card Trekking

The Cinque Terre Card Trekking, how much does it costThe daily Cinque Terre Trekking Card for an adult costs 7.50 Euros, 2 days 14.50 Euros.

For children (from 4 to 12 years) it costs 4.50 Euros for 1 day and 7.20 Euros for 2 days.

Cinque Terre Family Trekking Card, 1 day 19.60 Euros and 2 days 31.50 Euros.  

For both 2 types of Cinque Terre Card:

- children under 4 years old are free both on the train and on the paths.

- tickets are also available at special prices for seniors and groups.

More information and prices on the Cinque Terre Card.